The dynamics of current social and economic progress in the region of Central and Eeastern Europe brings about requirements for high quality, highly professional and flexible law services. Law Firm AKWH Legal, s.r.o. is a young and dynamically evolving law firm with ambitions to administer clients not only through its professional skills and knowledge, but also thanks to its individual approach and personal counselling. We offer complex law services in the form of consultations, counselling, preparation of contracts and other law documents, representing clients in business negotiations, representing clients at courts and government authorities.

We know that our clients have New goals ahead of them. And we know that New goals require a New approach.

                 We are ready.

AKWH Legal, s.r.o.
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AKWH Legal, s.r.o., advokátska kancelária, Miletičova 1, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
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